We at The Muslim Council of Wales are are deeply troubled by the reports that a Welsh Muslim teacher, Mr. Juhel Miah of  Llangatwg Comprehensive in Aberdulais, was denied entry into the US.

It is outright Islamophobic discrimination that a British citizen school teacher travelling with his school party should be denied entry into the US. This is the latest in a series of incidents in which Muslims have been denied access to the US, incidents which do in fact predate Trump and his Muslim ban. 

According to reports, Mr Miah is a British citizen who holds no dual nationality.  He is not from one of the seven banned countries, but he is Muslim.  

We are extremely concerned about the normalisation of discrimination against Muslims which fan the flames of hatred and add fuel to far right organisations that aim to divide communities and create a “them and us” society.

Incidents like this undermine equality and civil life; society as a whole must unite together in order to resist.

Muslim Council Wales are offering support services to anyone affected by similar travel problems.