The Muslim Council of Wales joins with civic and faith leaders across the country in standing in solidarity against the horrific murders that took place in Westminster on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

We applaud the selflessness and bravery of the police officer who died protecting others, and our thoughts and prayers are with all those injured and killed in the attack, and their families and loved ones.

There is a long history of terrorists of all persuasions targeting government and Westminster, seeking a perverse justice of their own making. The Holy Quran is clear – “No one will bear the burden of another” (35:18). There is no justification for murder.

Two weeks ago, the Muslim Council of Wales held a conference with civic partners across Wales in order to identify ways in which to tackle all forms of violent extremism. Today, we are reminded of the importance of fighting for a more cohesive, compassionate and caring society.

On Saturday 18 March, the Muslim Council of Wales joined with Stand Up to Racism and many other organisations and citizens of Wales and marched through Cardiff as part of the United Nations’ International Day against Racism.  We reject those who seek to divide us through hate.  We stand united with our fellow British citizens in the face of these events.


Notes to editors:
1. The Muslim Council of Wales is an umbrella body representing mosques and Muslim organisations across Wales.
2. For further information call 029 2048 7667 (extension 214) or email