Community Engagement

Annual Interfaith Dinner – the highlight of the Welsh Interfaith Council’s diary hosted by Muslim Council Wales, we entertain key individuals from the faith communities, Government Officials and  community leaders. We also had the honour of hosting Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis in 2014. You can see photos from one of our previous dinners here.

Quarterly Mosque Open Days and Islam Exhibition – open to the general public and schools, these events hope to educate non-Muslims about what takes place at a mosque and the contribution of Muslims to Welsh society. View photos of these events here.

Interfaith Council – a multitude of events throughout the year which included a series of talks on Prophets of Islam in Christianity and Judaism and invited speakers from these faiths to discuss key Muslim personalities in other faiths. Other events include visits to other places of worship to enhance community cohesion. See some photos here

School Assemblies – aimed at educating school children about Islam through assembly visits.

Islam Exhibition – an annual Islam exhibition held at the Senedd building showcasing Islam in Wales.

Media Response Team – designed to enrich the broadcast, print and online media platforms with Muslim community news and perspectives.