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Training the leaders of tomorrow

Muslim Council Wales recognised the need to promote community engagement, active citizenship and provide skills based training to the Muslim community in Wales.

We have delivered the course over the past 5 years drawing on expertise from all areas of business, academia and Islamic Scholarship, to equip the youth with confidence, knowledge and tools to become productive members of British society.

We have partnered with Welsh universities to train in formal lecture studios and campus rooms to inspire the youth to seek further education. We have also teamed up with Citizens UK to allow the youth to implement the skills and tools taught into real life community action campaigns.

The course has been so successful that it will be rolled out across Swansea, Newport and West Wales. We have future plans to further expand into all areas of Wales.

The course trains in key areas to develop the young leader, these include:

  • Develop Self Awareness
  • Community Engagement
  • Understand Politics and Citizenship
  • Team work and team building
  • Leadership and Management

iLEAD also has a Senior Programme designed for more mature leaders which trains in the following additional areas:

  • Citizenship
  • British Muslim Identity
  • Multi Culturalism
  • Understanding Policy and Legislation
  • Politics and Current Affairs


iLEAD Youth Leadership has been developed by Muslim Council Wales and supported by MyWales.

It is delivered in educational institutes across Cardiff by:

  • Community Leaders
  • Business Professionals
  • Academics and Educators from the fields of
    • Science
    • Medicine
    • Social Science
    • Religion and Theology
  • Exemplary past course graduates

The course ends with a graduation and awards ceremony attended by parents and high profile guest speakers who offer mentorship and further guidance.


The course changed my life and helped me define my goals.

Ali Amir, 19 years old, current studying Medicine at Cardiff Uni

The course helped me build confidence and realise what I can really do if I put my mind to it.

Summaya Jilani, 16 years old, currently in school studying 9 GCSEs

The course is amazing and I would recommend to everyone, the trainers were really knowledgeable and inspiring, and they gave me a lot of ideas of the type of person I want to become. Adeel Khan, 20, currently studying medicine

If you would like to join or know anyone who would be interested in joining the course then please get in touch.

The course is completely free and run through community donations and goodwill from the trainers. If you would like to support this project with financial donations or offering your skills and knowledge then we would love to hear from you.