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Training the leaders of tomorrow

Now in its 7th year, ILEAD is the Muslim Council of Wales’ flagship youth and community leadership training programme.

The Muslim Council Wales recognised the need to promote community engagement and active citizenship, and to provide skills-based training to the community, and developed this course to meet this demand.  We have drawn on expertise from all areas of business, academia and Islamic Scholarship, to equip the youth with the confidence, knowledge and tools needed to become productive members of British society.

ILEAD has benefited from the generosity of Welsh FE and HE institutions to train in academic settings, which in turn inspires our youth to pursue their education. We have also in the past worked with Citizens UK to allow the youth to implement the skills and tools taught into real life community action campaigns.

ILEAD runs youth leadership courses for 14-18 year olds in Newport, 16-18 year olds in Cardiff, and also a community leadership course, ILEAD Senior, for ages 25+ in Cardiff.

Key areas of the Youth Course include:

  • Develop Self Awareness
  • Community Engagement
  • Understand Politics and Citizenship
  • Team work and team building
  • Leadership and Management

iLEAD Senior additionally covers:

  • Citizenship
  • British Muslim Identity
  • Multi Culturalism
  • Understanding Policy and Legislation
  • Politics and Current Affairs
  • Media Engagement and Public Speaking


The course is completely free for participants, and funded by private donations and grants.

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